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Please feel free to take a look through a few of the objects DJ9K has crafted up in various Roleplays and stories that he has been a part of that he still carries along with him with no use to him as an individual.

While DJ does not care for monetary compensation, he also does believe in exchange cost. Thus, any item on this list that one would like for their character must be purchased from DJ. To do so feel free to leave a mail or comment on my profile page as a means of meeting and talking with DJ about such. In this context you can assume that DJ has given off word of his items to see if he could get them off his hands, as DJ being a Wanderer often has his many affiliates randomly doing favours such as this for him.
I do warn you, since DJ does not care for money of any kind, his payments can often be strange. Quests, missions, favours, and etc. have all been used as "payment" for previous items.

DJ does also take custom orders, as DJ himself is a craftsman, and enchanter. So if you wish to commission the character to make something please feel free. DJ makes all forms of objects, from accessories to weapons and armour, and even simple trinkets.

Current items that are for sale are:

Eye of the Beholder
- An enchanted necklace with a slender 16" sterling silver snake style chain. On the chain is a gold trimmed, silver plated titanium pendant. This pendant is made as a half cube with the flat end against the body, and the pointed end outward, and attached to the necklace in a diagonal way so that it resembles a card diamond. The outward cubic edge is made to open horizontally, where on the inside is a compressed beholder's eye. While open the enchanted necklace will temporarily give the wearer anti-magic vision, making so no magic or magical effects can work within their visual area. To end the effect the wearing needs only close the pendant again.

Vanguard's Helmet - A plain iron medieval helmet that DJ found in a haunted battle field. After spending three days speaking with the spirits they all found peace with one another and conjoined within the helmet. Ever since, anyone who wears the helmet will have a spiritual aid telling them of danger, and the many spirits will share their experience with the wearing, improving their fighting capabilities.

Titan War Hammers - Twin stone war hammers that had been created from the head of a stone titan slew by DJ9K. The rest of the body was then turned to energy and imbued within the hammers. The handles measuring at 18 inches, the heads measure at four inches. The heads are three inches thick with the hammer portion extending about three inches out with an central half inch round cave making the four tips become a four tipped hammer head. On the back end is a four inch spike for when a piercing blow is needed. The internal energy that remains from the stone giant allows these hammers to not only be harder and tougher than most metals, but if wielded together and smashed together will surge through the wielder making them grow to double their size, and giving them ten fold the strength they had before.

Interrogator and Diplomat - A pair of enchanted black leather gloves. The right hand glove, Diplomat, if worn when shaking someone's hand, will make that individual less nervous and more friendly and more likely to agree with the wearer once the shake ends. The left hand glove, Interrogator, if worn when touching someone's head, will make them incapable of lying.

Pawn's Glass
- A pair of glasses that when worn can allow the user to know the age, and fineness of objects they look at.

Jingle's Pouch
- A bottomless money pouch that will hand the user the exact money they want to withdraw from it so long as it is within the pouch.
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Basic Info
Name: Unoti Cathiras Viktus
Titles: Perfect Defense Unoti, The Rouge Viktus
Height: 5'11
Weight: Varies
Appearance: In Picture on profile
Theme Song: 

Likes: Reading, writing, researching
Dislikes: Necromancy, killing, Corack
Quirks: Formal yet nonchalant, sassy, apologetic

Powers and Abilities
Powers: Wind Essence Manipulation, Water Essence Manipulation, Fire Essence Manipulation, Earth Essence Manipulation, Light Essence Manipulation, Darkness Essence Manipulation, Wood Essence Manipulation, Metal Essence Manipulation, Lighting Essence Manipulation, Ice Essence Manipulation, Gravity Essence Manipulation

Abilities: Dark Vision 120', Regeneration, Super Strength, Super Speed, Enhanced Durability    

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Name: Wisteria

Age: 19

Species: Half demon

Powers: Blue fire & smoke

Personality: Uptight, Hates being around people, extremely anxious, Doesn’t believe in anything that isn’t logical, never drifts off into thought, & overprotective.

Bio:Wisteria was born into a very “mixed family.” Her father was a full on demon trying to live a human life. Her mother of course a human looking for excitement. The townsfolk weren’t very accepting of the couple, and had it out for the husband since the beginning. Somehow the family managed until Wisteria was about 8 years old. The day was fairly normal, nothing hinting about the tragedy that was to come. She was downstairs in the kitchen, getting a quick snack for her little sister, Kira. As she rummaged through the fridge, she smelt a terrible stench, almost like burnt toast. Sweat began to bead up on her brow, but not from anxiousness. The room had suddenly became scorching. She shut the fridge, confused on what was happening. She spun on her heels, heading back upstairs to her sister. As she made her way there she ran into an unfortunate site. Her living room was on fire. Her mother was in there, but the flames were so out of control she couldn’t save her. Wisteria quickly rushed upstairs, looking for her four year old sister. She ran down the thin hallway into their room. Her sister was sitting in the middle of the floor playing with her dolls. Her sister looked at her sister, smiling. “Wanna Play Wissi...” Wisteria was frozen in her place. A support beam fell on top of her sister, knocking her unconscious. That sadly wasn’t the only thing it did. Due to hit being such a hard impact, Kira’s personality was changed forever.Adrenaline ran through her veins. She quickly grabbed her unconscious sister & proceeded to look for an exit. The door she came in was now consumed by the flames. Not thinking, she ran towards the window & jumped out of it. She held her sister close to her chest, closing her eyes as she fell. Before she hit the ground, a pair of hands caught her. Her father. Tears were gathering up in his eyes. They stood there for a good few minutes before running away. As they ran, the father told her something she couldn’t ever forget. “Never Trust anyone but your own.” Because of the father being a demon, the townsfolk accused him of the fire even though it was one of them who started it. The sentenced him to death. With only her mental sister she had to survive in an unkind world. But with her wits and strength, she managed to overpower anybody who dared cross her path.

Name: Kira


Species: Half demon

Powers: Her insanity, Weapon Creation, Supernatural combat (basically going batshit crazy in the battle field).

Personality:Insane, hyper, loves people, childish, finds wonder in everything, carefree, & loves to live life dangerously.

Bio: Due to such a traumatic experience at such a young age, she has a terrible memory. She doesn’t remember much about what happened, and is completely oblivious to the fact her parents are dead. She wanders around the destroyed earth looking for them, thinking they are just playing a long game of hide & seek. (Short bio due to me basically explained in Wisteria’s bio)
Acedia Oct 25 '17
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Name: Niro


Appearance: His hair is a soft brown with a slightly darker brown undertone. He has emerald eyes that hides what he is thinking most of the time. His complexion is fairly pale, with perhaps small undertones of pink. He usually wears long sleeved shirts, but can bring himself to wear hoodies. A silver watch lay on his wrist that ticks counterclockwise. The last thing that completes his attire is a pair of thin,sleek glasses which help him see into ones soul.

Sexuality: Straight

Personality: He usually tries to avoid human contact what so ever due to his mistakes in the past. When confronted though, he seems kind-hearted, but has a stone where his heart should be. He is selfless at times, but usually only cares about his life. He will only care about you if you get close to igniting a spark in his heart. With his abaility to control time, he is a perfectionist. When he screws up... He resets the timeline. To top off his personality, he is extremely timid.  Interacting isn't his forte. When he tries to befriend some creature, he always goes into an awkward phase...

Powers: He has the ability to control time & see through ones soul. Although he can't switch through dimensions, he can reset the timeline with his reversed watched. As for his ability to see, it goes a little more into depth. By being able to do this he will not be limited to being able to see ones thoughts & soul, but can also adopt some of their powers.

Weapons: His watch, and a fairly good sized knife in his pocket to back him up in a shadey situation
Bio: Niro was born into poverty, learning to live off of what he could. With what little he had, he was content with his life. All was well, until his mother died suddenly from cancer. Shaken by the tragic death in his family, his father became frantic. He would always come home from school finding his father passed out on the couch drunk, or not even there at all. When his father wasn't present, he would wait on the couch until his drunken father stumbled in the door with a young slut by his side. The females never lasted but a week, so he had gotten used to people leaving him constantly. Without a solid variable in his life, he began to hate humanity & time itself. All time would do was laugh in his face, making him perish through the agonizing loneliness. Fortunately out of this loneliness though, he found a hobby. Technology. In his spare time, he'd sit at his ruined desk, pulling apart gadgets & putting them back together. He had finally found something worth his time. At the age of 16 a technology company found interest in his "Talents", hiring him for a Special project. With this special project he was sent home countless nights to work on development. One night though, He stumbled across a loophole. As a naive child, he decided to invest his time into that. After a few solid weeks, his new gadget created a rip in time & space, sending him back to his mothers funeral. He had to relive his loneliness, but this time with a watch by his side.(edited)

Acedia Oct 25 '17
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Alene Myra and Xandra  Myra



Gender: Female

Occupation: Assassin

Appearance (Casual,  Normally has a black scarf):

Personality: Depends on the person. Alene is cautious when talking to others. To avoid getting attached, creating unnecessary pain. She doesn’t trust easily, she won’t crack easily. Under no circumstances would she give up. Alene is a determined soul. But by chance if you get under your cold exterior. If you somehow break open the solid steel box, you’ll kind a jewel. A kind soul who only ever wanted to be happy, but even the thought was ripped away from her. You’ll find someone who would lay down anything to protect you, to save your life. Xandra on the other hand, will stop at nothing until everyone is dead or her personal lap dog. Be cautious when toying with this one.

Weapons: Poisoned daggers, occasionally a pistol, and magic. Her magic of course has limits. If you survive long enough when dueling, she will tire in her mana. Not determination.

Bio: Before she was even a twinkle in the world’s eye, Alene was destined to be alone. Her family, the only people she cared about, mysteriously vanished when she was 3 months old. Quite young for a child. To this day she has no clue why they are gone, but she does know now that they are dead. That someone killed them off. As to why she doesn’t know. Her childhood from the moment she was pried from all happiness was ripped to shreds. Nonexistent.  As a young child, around the age of 8, Alene would sit at the edge of the orphanage's  garden watching the stars alone, since other children despised her. As if they had a feeling she wasn’t normal. Alene did her best to keep her powers hidden. Only a few caretakers knew of her condition. There was something worse than her powers in her though. Loneliness. She hated being alone. An idea struck. A really stupid idea. A thought that told her if  she did other people bidding, they would accept her for who she was. A thought that came into fruition from her old partner in crime. This,clearly, turned out to be a horrible theory. Word got around that she was special. Kids took this and bullied her into submission. Into committing acts more than simple petty thievery. What stopped her may you ask? Her partner… her friend, brutally killed. She refused to do anymore of anyone’s biding. The older children didn't take to this lightly, gathering up a gang to punish her for her "betrayal." They beat her until she couldn't move, until she was just laying there limp on the ground crying. After a few more incidents like this, Alene began to develop depression. Clinical, sinister thoughts. Suicidal thoughts raced through her head... Leading to her trying to commit suicide. Right before she went through with it, a voice echoed in her head. Xandra. Xandra eased Alene away from the sweet release of death, telling her it would be alright. A liar. Xandra never cared about Alene, only herself. To this day she only saved Alene since she was a valuable asset to god who knows. Xandra though isn’t just some normal side effect of split personality. She’s a harmful entity possessing Alene for the sheer want of the power.

Background story (Discontinued): https://www.wattpad.com/story/69673514-alene-xandra-their-story


Age: Unknown. (Thought to be as old as time)

Race: Unknown

Gender: Female??

Occupation: Unknown

Appearance: Shapeshifts

Bio ERROR, Corrupted Data. Unknown

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Alice is a Rabbit neko. She’s about 24 in age and her tail and ears are white. She’s about 5’2 in height and maybe 145 in weight (pounds of course). I’m.. not even sure what I should right about this character. I mean.. I guess she’s straight, I gave her height.. Honestly? This is just fill-in stuff. I find her adorable..

Shogun the Undead Hybrid Member
*I wake up, moaning a little, rubbing my head.. {Gosh.. Ok.. Apparently Vodka affects me.. but.. where.. am I?} I look around, bunny tail fluttering and ears cocking. I notice that my clothes are slightly tattered but not enough to show anything important. Just some of my jeans are torn and I have small cuts along my legs and arms* Ugh... alright... No more.. vodka after midnight..

(Note: If you wish to start this, please send a private message. And once somebody answers, this will be deleted)

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Name: Victoria Nickname: Vicky Species: Human/vampire Sexuality: Bisexual Age: undetermined (looks to be in her mid 20's) Appearance: she is about 5', she has black hair with white highlights, bright blue eyes (changed to red when she needs to feed) Hobbies: listening to music, drawing and taking long walks by the river Bio: Her mother had fallen in love with a vampire and they were to have a baby when she had become ill. The only thing that he knew to do was to bite her. When he did it had cured her but they child was born with the vamp virus in her blood causing her to be born half human half vampire. Victoria had gone most of her life listening to everyone else. One night when her parents had hosted a party at their house she had packed a bag and walked out. She now lived in a cabin on the outskirts of another small town. When she needed to feed she fed on the blood of the animals. She knew that her urges for human blood would get stronger the more that she resisted it.
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Lilian Valor (preferably called Lily) is a siren and human hybrid. She has blonde hair and brown eyes. Lily has two tattoos, both on her shoulders (one tattoo per shoulder. One of them is the Borderlands symbol, the other is simply a heart in fire saying the name “Kyu” in it). She loves to be around water, which is why she’ll be near or in a pond she found that is inside of a cave. While she is 30 chronologically, Lilian is 20 biologically, and she has a sets of 3 gills on either side of her neck. Having the abilities of a siren, she sings flawlessly and perfectly, her potential of drawing people in unknown. Sexuality is bisexual, prefers females.

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When Amelie Lacroix had her son and daughter she thought it would be a happy family with her husband Gerard Lacroix. When she was taken by Talon Gerard took the kids unders Mercy's wing to watch over them for a while until Amelie was found and safe. But after she was found and when she killed Gerard in his sleep when they were together as a family, the kids were never going to forget what she did to him or what they heard of his last words as he bleed to death saying "My love....I'll always love you..." When the kids heard the LOUD SHOT they ran to see and saw their mom covered with blood splats on her lips and down to her belly. They were frozen with fear and ran to Mercy as help that they could only think of. When Amelie saw her kids run with fear she knew she had a new delight coming to her with every sudden kill, she'll feel even more deadly and powerful.

When the kids grew up over the 19yrs they still were wanting to see their mother but Noah (the son) wasn't wanting to see his killer mother, but his sister Lola (the daughter) convinced him to see her cause they were still their mom and kids. Talon did test on her making Amelie (Widowmaker) into a sleeper agent and soon was the best things Talon has done overall with their men. But as soon as Widow heard about her kids she got flash backs seeing them with their dad in the snow and out in the sunshine for a few moments then she'll remember them. Noah sent out a hidden message that their dad taught them just in case they needed them when they were in help, with that in the system of Talon's computers (they don't know yet) Widow saw it and went to the location it said to meet them at. So Widow went there and saw her kids in 19yrs. Widow saying "My children all grown up fully made for battle like your dad an myself. You should join me in Talon and work together to show what Talon is and what it wants the world to be without Overwatch in the way it should be easy, without any interferences it should go smooth. Lola i'll teach you how to snipe like me and for you my man Noah...i'll have Reaper teach you a bit then me for the rest." She went on and on but never did bring up that night were she last saw her kids run in fear from her with their faces in tears and beating hearts that she could hear like nothing else.

Three months later..

   "There you go Lola but faster and stealthier! Lola come on you'll get killed easily by doing that". When the training was over Lola and Noah will see each other for only a 1hr then train more and more with only a long break for sleeping but it'll get cut down further on in training. They were told to go to France their homeland to kill a group of OverWatch vets. trying to make a gang of soldiers going to strike a Head facility that trains genes to work with the stuff that made Widow and soon HeartBreaker. So they killed them with style using Lola as a young female loring them into a clear field for a perfect shot for Widow and Lola to kill the rest with her chain whip, with razor sharp blades that could cut off a limb of a body smooth as silk. Now they had news of Noah going under a stage that would put his life at risk under a malfunction having only a very low chance of living...

end of part 1

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