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Site Announcements
The official Announcement section for the site.
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Pickles(MCRP) · Jan 19
In Dual Head Admins
Introductions and Farewells
Where you can go to say hello or goodbye
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Stefen · Mar 9
In Greetings...and Salutations..
Site Rules
The Rules of the Site
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Pickles(MCRP) · Nov 17 '16
In Site Rules
Site Support, Suggestions, and Comments
Express what you would like to see on the site.
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Pickles(MCRP) · Aug 5 '17
In Role Change
Staff Applications
Where you can come and sign-up to be a staff member.
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Pickles(MCRP) · Jan 21 '16
In Moderator Application
Affiliation Requests
Where people can go and ask to affiliate with the site.
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Pickles(MCRP) · Feb 12 '16
In What can help you gain an affiliation?
Roleplay Zone Topics Replies Last Reply
Roleplaying Articles
Having trouble coming up with a world? Trying to understand how something would work within your roleplays? Here you can find helpful tips for just that.
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Mirior, Howakhan · Apr 2
In Razren's Thought Dump Lesson 3: Post Length
Character Discussion
Here you can post your characters that are a work in progress to get help with designing them.
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Mirior, Howakhan · Oct 25 '17
In Character Power Scales
Find A Roleplayer
Looking for someone to roleplay with? Try posting here. Let it be known that you're interested in roleplaying. Be sure to include what you're looking to roleplay.
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Becka S. · Apr 6
In Loki Rp??
Character Storage
Where you post your character sheets.
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Volt · Mar 21
In Volt's Characters (WIP)
Combat, Car Chases, Gun Fights, ect. This is where you go for those intense roleplays.
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TheNuggetKitten · Apr 18 '17
In A short tournament. I guess?
Magic, Elves, far away lands, ect. You want something of another world this is your place.
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William · Yesterday, 17:28
In Jessy meets Emeraldia Tarken.
A nice walk on the beach, a dinner date, or just meeting up for the first time. This is where you can go and have your romantic adventures with others.
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Pickles(MCRP) · Sep 13 '17
In Looking for longterm
Want to roleplay everyday life as someone else? Well then here's your chance to live a different life in modern civilizations.
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Nicholas Aiden Snow · Feb 25 '17
In YouTubers Life!
Science Fiction
Starships, lazer guns, aliens, if it's science that has yet to be done then this is your place.
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Mirior, Howakhan · Sep 19 '17
In The Raid of the 289th Expedition Fleet; Mechanicum. (DJ x PRIDE)
Be it slashers, zombies, killer vampires, here is your chance to either be one or survive against them.
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SimonSimon · Nov 5 '16
In Not Another One! Or Zombies At Camp Sunsmile
Roleplaying in a world that you loved to watch or read? Well you can roleplay that here.
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1x1 Roleplays
If you're just looking to roleplay with one particular person and don't want others to join then post here.
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Agentyamski (MCRP) · Yesterday, 18:53
In Let The Training Continue: Elijah v. Linnor
Writing Prompts Topics Replies Last Reply
Setting prompts
A section dedicated to helping writers and roleplayers challenge themselves into making beautiful settings.
1 1 In Crime Scene
Character Prompts
A section dedicated to helping writers and roleplayers challenge themselves to create amazing characters
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Context Prompts
A section dedicated to helping writers and roleplayers challenge themselves to expand on the smallest ideas.
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Challenge Prompts
A section dedicated to helping more advanced writers and roleplayers challenge their skills and go beyond.
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Literature Topics Replies Last Reply
Whether it's a short story, a novel, or a series you can show off the work you've done with it here.
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Razren · Jan 20
In Terminal: Chapter 1 (Redux)
Writing for a universe not your own? Well you can post it here.
2 0 In Random Interactions: part one
Poetry your thing? Well then show off what you can do.
7 2
Hisana Kurosaki · Sep 28 '16
In Overwhelming Dispair
Off Topic Topics Replies Last Reply
General Chat
Just about anything
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Queen Kerin Oracle · Nov 12 '16
In Halloween Costume(s)!
Card Gaming
Yu-Gi-Oh, Pokemon, Magic The Gathering, ect. Whatever the card game it's here.
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Got a forum game you wanna play? You can find it here.
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Mirior, Howakhan · Feb 20
In Two Truths One Lie
Game Lobby
Whether you play on PC, Xbox, Playstation, or Nintendo you can find topics on each here.
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Katlynne Baron · May 30 '17
In So...I'm making a game.
Music, Television, Anime, Comic Books, Manga. Whatever you wanna talk about within pop culture or what you hear put it here.
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goddess haruhi shilūta · Jan 28 '17
In What are you're favorite anime's?
Locked Topics Topics Replies Last Reply
Completed Topics
Where topics that have been deemed finished by staff or the creator.
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Pickles(MCRP) · Feb 24 '16
In NewbForums Affiliation Request
Inactive Topics
For topics that have gone 2 or more months without a comment.
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Pickles(MCRP) · Nov 17 '16
In My Super Quantum Deck


Hope everyone enjoys the new background. Don't forget to answer the questions Razren and I have posted below. We're looking to really connect more with our members and would love some feedback. Also don't be afraid to make suggestions for the site in the forums.


Due to a bad bug, we had to reset the site back to the 23rd of March. this means anything posted within the last few days has been lost. We apologize for the inconvenience.