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Site Announcements
The official Announcement section for the site.
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Pickles(MCRP) · Jan 19
In Dual Head Admins
Introductions and Farewells
Where you can go to say hello or goodbye
22 22
Reschal · 5 hours ago
In Hey, Reschal here.
Site Rules
The Rules of the Site
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Pickles(MCRP) · Nov 17 '16
In Site Rules
Site Support, Suggestions, and Comments
Express what you would like to see on the site.
2 2
Pickles(MCRP) · Aug 5 '17
In Role Change
Staff Applications
Where you can come and sign-up to be a staff member.
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Pickles(MCRP) · Jan 21 '16
In Moderator Application
Affiliation Requests
Where people can go and ask to affiliate with the site.
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Pickles(MCRP) · Feb 12 '16
In What can help you gain an affiliation?
Roleplay Zone Topics Replies Last Reply
Roleplaying Articles
Having trouble coming up with a world? Trying to understand how something would work within your roleplays? Here you can find helpful tips for just that.
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Razren · Jan 20
In Razren's Thought dump Lesson 1: Character Design
Character Discussion
Here you can post your characters that are a work in progress to get help with designing them.
3 17
Mirior, Howakhan · Oct 25 '17
In Character Power Scales
Find A Roleplayer
Looking for someone to roleplay with? Try posting here. Let it be known that you're interested in roleplaying. Be sure to include what you're looking to roleplay.
6 9
Rosey · Nov 4 '17
In Hey :)
Character Storage
Where you post your character sheets.
9 13
burym4n · Oct 22 '17
In burym4n's monstrosities
Combat, Car Chases, Gun Fights, ect. This is where you go for those intense roleplays.
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RealityLord · Apr 18 '17
In A short tournament. I guess?
Magic, Elves, far away lands, ect. You want something of another world this is your place.
6 22
Pickles(MCRP) · Jan 22
In Unoti Renewed, Serisen Lost
A nice walk on the beach, a dinner date, or just meeting up for the first time. This is where you can go and have your romantic adventures with others.
5 54
Pickles(MCRP) · Sep 13 '17
In Looking for longterm
Want to roleplay everyday life as someone else? Well then here's your chance to live a different life in modern civilizations.
1 1
Nicholas Aiden Snow · Feb 25 '17
In YouTubers Life!
Science Fiction
Starships, lazer guns, aliens, if it's science that has yet to be done then this is your place.
1 2
Mirior, Howakhan · Sep 19 '17
In The Raid of the 289th Expedition Fleet; Mechanicum. (DJ x PRIDE)
Be it slashers, zombies, killer vampires, here is your chance to either be one or survive against them.
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SimonSimon · Nov 5 '16
In Not Another One! Or Zombies At Camp Sunsmile
Roleplaying in a world that you loved to watch or read? Well you can roleplay that here.
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1x1 Roleplays
If you're just looking to roleplay with one particular person and don't want others to join then post here.
12 76
Agentyamski (MCRP) · Nov 9 '17
In Let The Training Continue: Elijah v. Linnor
Literature Topics Replies Last Reply
Whether it's a short story, a novel, or a series you can show off the work you've done with it here.
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Razren · Jan 20
In Terminal: Chapter 1 (Redux)
Writing for a universe not your own? Well you can post it here.
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Razren · Jun 2 '17
In Persona:Mask of Shadows (Intro)
Poetry your thing? Well then show off what you can do.
7 2
Hisana Kurosaki · Sep 28 '16
In Overwhelming Dispair
Off Topic Topics Replies Last Reply
General Chat
Just about anything
2 7
Queen Kerin Oracle · Nov 12 '16
In Halloween Costume(s)!
Card Gaming
Yu-Gi-Oh, Pokemon, Magic The Gathering, ect. Whatever the card game it's here.
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Got a forum game you wanna play? You can find it here.
3 6
Mirior, Howakhan · Feb 20
In Two Truths One Lie
Game Lobby
Whether you play on PC, Xbox, Playstation, or Nintendo you can find topics on each here.
1 1
Katlynne Baron · May 30 '17
In So...I'm making a game.
Music, Television, Anime, Comic Books, Manga. Whatever you wanna talk about within pop culture or what you hear put it here.
1 5
goddess haruhi shilūta · Jan 28 '17
In What are you're favorite anime's?
Locked Topics Topics Replies Last Reply
Completed Topics
Where topics that have been deemed finished by staff or the creator.
2 5
Pickles(MCRP) · Feb 24 '16
In NewbForums Affiliation Request
Inactive Topics
For topics that have gone 2 or more months without a comment.
7 35
Pickles(MCRP) · Nov 17 '16
In My Super Quantum Deck

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