Rosewood Academy
It is a new year at this elite private academy of high pedigree. Students that are enrolled in Rosewood Academy are highly talented and exceed in all their endeavors to follow them and their careers after graduation.  -Please follow enrollment procedures 
41 members
Coding Help
Looking to customize your profile or simply make your posts look a bit different. This is the group to go to.
30 members
The Dojo
A place where CRPers can learn, spar, and hold death matches. All styles of crp welcome.
25 members
Terminal City [RP Group]
[HUGE WORK IN PROGRESS] Terminal City. A metropolis of innovation and scientific achievement. While some would call this city a utopia, those who live within it's walls know it as something else. A catalyst for a dark cloud threatening to rise over the world and all who inhabit it. This is the tr...
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Welcome to Riverway,  Riverway Penitentiary is the largest correctional facility in the United States. By population holds more than 5,100 inmates of both men and women. And has over 1,700 employees. Riverway lies its fortress like structure in a city called GreenHill, which can be found in th...
21 members
LGBT Community
A place where the LGBT Community can safely express themselves and how they're feeling.
18 members
Dungeons and Dragons
Come one! Come all! It's time to enter lands not yet discovered, tales not yet told, and creatures that can haunt your nightmares. That's right I'm talking about D&D. Come and find yourselves D&D groups, meet GMS, Show off your character builds, anything D&D related.
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The Oracle Clan
Here lies the lands of Limbo, the city of Limbo, named Luvona, is occupied by the Oracle clan, a clan of a mixture of beings, peaceful yet fiercely protective of each other. With many allied clans at their side, and two other clans in Limbo, the Oracle clan is one of the richest in the alliance, and...
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Shilūta clan
shapeshifters haruhi is the leader of the clan along with her brother, sister and her king.
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Gem Knights
An ancient order founded by The Gem Master who created 8 gems of power to protect the world. Diamond, Carbuncle, Onyx, Ruby, Emerald, Topaz, Sapphire, and Amethyst. Together they would make up the order of the Gem Knights. Warriors able to call upon suits of armor to give them extraordinary powers. ...
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The Anakainoo Clan
A clan based in the world of Limbo, home of the Oracles, this clan is designed around the idea of providing a second chance to prospective members. Anakainoo means "to begin anew" in it's purest form. Lead by Karengale Anakainoo, once known as Karengale Darkasakage, they are currently recruiting for...
11 members
The Hashaco Clan
A once proud Drow warrior clan brought back as a diplomatic clan. We accept anyone who is willing to fight for peace.
8 members
Prime Academy
Prime Academy isn't just your ordinary highschool. It's a prestigious school designed specifically for individuals that possess special abilities. At this Academy, students learn to control their powers, train in combat, analyze monsters, and test courses to prepare for encounters with many differen...
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Razren's Personal Dump Group
This is a group designed just to be a storage area for all the RPs I do with people. [PAY NO MIND]
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The Origin Bar
Welcome to the Origin Bar! With your friendly bartender Rosco, come on into the bar whenever you want! We serve every race, species, ethnicity, and all that. Not hungry or thirsty? The Origin bar has many other levels, including the arena, storage area, living quarters, farm, forge, and many, many o...
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The Badlands | Wasteland Exodus
Welcome toThe Badlands | Wasteland Exodus. This RP, is a spin-off of the original "The Badlands" Rp, with a mixture of a continuation, So I will give some background knowledge as to what you are walking into.Please click the "Spin Off / Continuation" Section if you just want the gist of the RP witho...
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Fallout World
This group is used for the extended universe of the Fallout universe. Everything role-played here can either be during the time of any event in the lore or beyond.
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Kritika Online
Sooo much heroes, gets boring, dosn't it? So why not, lets become villains... Kritika is an academy where you will be trained and educated in the art of being a villain, but theres a catch, No Humans Killed, get it? After all, the government pays us to keep the heroes at bay, and that money comes fr...
4 members
yandere realm
if you are a yandere, or anything related to one, u are welcome, but all yandere gets powers, they are invincible in there and cannot be defeat, i am the queen of this realm and if u want to become one u must bow to me, then u can get what u desired. Yandere meaning: is a goddess or god of obse...
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