Gem Knights
An ancient order founded by The Gem Master who created 8 gems of power to protect the world. Diamond, Carbuncle, Onyx, Ruby, Emerald, Topaz, Sapphire, and Amethyst. Together they would make up the order of the Gem Knights. Warriors able to call upon suits of armor to give them extraordinary powers. ...
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The Badlands | Wasteland Exodus
Welcome toThe Badlands | Wasteland Exodus. This RP, is a spin-off of the original "The Badlands" Rp, with a mixture of a continuation, So I will give some background knowledge as to what you are walking into.Please click the "Spin Off / Continuation" Section if you just want the gist of the RP witho...
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Find out who u like the most from Talon in OverWatch (Sombra, WidowMaker,Reaper, DoomFist,Moira) here is the link if you want to know more bout them (https://playoverwatch.com/en-us/heroes/). And if you want you can rp them in your own way if you wish. But if you do so don't fully copy their backsto...
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Welcome to Riverway,  Riverway Penitentiary is the largest correctional facility in the United States. By population holds more than 5,100 inmates of both men and women. And has over 1,700 employees. Riverway lies its fortress like structure in a city called GreenHill, which can be found in th...
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Fallout World
This group is used for the extended universe of the Fallout universe. Everything role-played here can either be during the time of any event in the lore or beyond.
5 members
Razren's Personal Dump Group
This is a group designed just to be a storage area for all the RPs I do with people. [PAY NO MIND]
8 members
The Dojo
A place where CRPers can learn, spar, and hold death matches. All styles of crp welcome.
22 members
Vampire Rp anyone?
Join so we can rp rogether
5 members
rp ppl
Join so we can rp rogether
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In a world where humans are protected by beings known as Rapiers with strange weapons known as Shinkai they are based on phenomenal presence but there are evil beings who are known to devour human souls to gain strength these beings are known as Akuma's warriors that were meant to protect the gates ...
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Supernatural (tv show roleplayers)
This group is simple, it's for people who roleplay from the series supernatural be it canon or non canon. I don't mind, even if your character isn't meant for the show, but you know how to fit it in. Just don't give spoilers, not all of us are up-to-date.
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{X}CS:GO Group{x}
~Technically for Steam Players to hang out/chat, but mostly for CS:GO players. ~Feel free to ask me any questions, and even add me on steam!
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Prime Academy
Prime Academy isn't just your ordinary highschool. It's a prestigious school designed specifically for individuals that possess special abilities. At this Academy, students learn to control their powers, train in combat, analyze monsters, and test courses to prepare for encounters with many differen...
8 members
The Orignals
come join the original vampires!! In our adventures. the only think that can cause our death is a woden stake to the heart, that is if you have a day light ring like I do!
3 members
Experimental Escapade
(Work In Progress) Cast away into the deep depths of an unknown military base, countless people are being experimented on with a drug capable of creating "special" beings. Led by Dr. Jeremy Von Blasko and his team of assistants, they research the many traits the drug can grant, as well as the side e...
16 members
Gamer's Unite
Need another player for your party so you can get rid of that awful bot? Join this group and get connected with members of the Nerd. This group entails connecting members of the gaming community with one another, and allowing them to discover not only new games, but new friends.
6 members
Edit Emporium
Hello guys this is my editing group, where you can ask me to edit pictures for you ((e.g hair color, eye color and changing clothes color)) I'm still in training, so stuff like background change and scars are still the thinks i'm working on. But anyway please don't be afraid to ask, me and I...
20 members
Dungeons and Dragons
Come one! Come all! It's time to enter lands not yet discovered, tales not yet told, and creatures that can haunt your nightmares. That's right I'm talking about D&D. Come and find yourselves D&D groups, meet GMS, Show off your character builds, anything D&D related.
17 members
The Anakainoo Clan
A clan based in the world of Limbo, home of the Oracles, this clan is designed around the idea of providing a second chance to prospective members. Anakainoo means "to begin anew" in it's purest form. Lead by Karengale Anakainoo, once known as Karengale Darkasakage, they are currently recruiting for...
11 members
The World Of TryThrone (Roleplay World)
The World of TryThrone is a sudo-D&D style roleplay world where the players actions will affect the world as a whole. There are no real limits to what you can do in this world other than the scientific principles that govern the world. Create your character and start on a journey that you make y...
19 members

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