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Reschal Coder
Apr 15
Rosco Member
Apr 15
I really want to do a good rp, if anyone wants to do one with me, just message me whenever.
Bi Xia(PixSkittChaos Member
Apr 15
Reschal Coder
Apr 14
i huggle wuggle muggles even though they fuggles ^.^
Bi Xia(PixSkittChaos Member
Apr 14
I have no motivation to do anything...
Bi Xia(PixSkittChaos Member
Apr 10
As soon as my art project is done.
Reschal Coder
Apr 9
get to it Lyn sheeeeeessshhhh lmao
Bi Xia(PixSkittChaos Member
Apr 9
Nevermind, looks like this art project is going to take a bit longer
Bi Xia(PixSkittChaos Member
Apr 9
Going to try to get to some replies today.
Bi Xia(PixSkittChaos Member
Apr 9
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Pickles(MCRP) Nov 14 '17
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