Emmaline Sage Gibson

Name: Emmaline Sage Gibson
Nickname: Emma, Em, Sage
Gender: Female
Age: 26
Born: March 18th - This Life
Birth place: Richmond Virginia
Current Residence: Washington DC
Race: Human
Ethnicity: German, Irish
Orientation: Straight
Family: Celine, David (Both deceased)
Relationship Status: Single
Occupation: Museum Curator
Workplace: Smithsonian Institution


Hair color: Deep brown with natural lighter brown highlights.
Hair style: Long layers, with natural waves resting comfortably at lower back.
Skin Color: Milky pale - with few freckles
Eye Color: Deep Sea Blue
Body type: Naturally skinny, small definition of curves.
Bust Size: 32 C
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 100 pounds
Scars: Few odds and in's nothing major.
Tattoos: None
Piercings: None - so far.
OTHER: So far 2 very deep brown birthmarks, but the area around are pale. One upon stomach, and the other on middle of chest, between breast.
Dressing style: For being in the public eye on a daily basis, often doing meetings and trades for the museum. Lots of suits and pencil skirts, hair likely always to be up out of face in some sort of up-do. If not at work however the style is much more relaxed. Jeans with a nice blouse - or just simple tank top with sweatpants. More often than not hair was down at home - always hating to have the long locks up.

Background & Misc:

Likes: Traveling, discovering/doing new things, reading, learning about different cultures, and their traditions, adding new pieces to the museum, learning history and different odds and ends to life. Taking photos, listening to music, and listening to storms on warm summer nights. [ Likely to be added and changed as time goes on ]
Dislikes: The odd dreams of dying, the feeling of deja vu, not figuring out a problem.
Personality: Independent, Quiet, Guarded on trusting others,, Friendly & Polite, mostly thanks to job. Quick to adapt to most situations, normally happy and bubbly personality. Intelligent, open minded, fiercely protective.

Background Story:

Emmaline grew up as most children should. Loving parents, who doted upon her very being. Grew up in a well home, and parents who were madly in love.Having a fierce love for gems and diamonds, and artifacts in museums. A love that came directly from her mother. Spending most summers logging volunteer hours that would carry through later in life. Everything seemed to be going smoothly... That was until Emma was about 10 years old. Father was diagnosed with lung cancer - a common known death for those who worked deep within the mines. Both she and her mother watched David deteriorate rather quickly. Three years went by, with many up and down struggles - her father the only man she’d ever loved or let alone liked passed away. Having promised David that she would take care of her mother, it was then the female buckled down and studied hard. Many would say Emma was sheltered doing all school work from home. But to those who knew...it was dedication. Graduating early, top in the state. Easily getting accepted into Drexel University, and getting her masters degree in Historical Arts and Archeology. Being done with college by the age of 23, unsure where to go with life. Especially since her mother who was slowly dying of a broken heart. Secluded herself within the house she’d grew up in, it wasn’t long after graduating that she too passed away. Vowing however to make both parents proud by taking the same position her mother had. Which she was very easily qualified for. But odd things started happening. As she would check in new items for the museum when restoring some items an image, a flashback would come to. Something her mother always said stuck when asking about her oddly placed birthmarks. “They’re to your past; perhaps it’s how you died, or just past experiences within another life. Perhaps you are gifted, and have a direct link to those lives before now.” Thinking it off to be such a silly tale. But day after day, after the dreams, and the flashbacks, the burning of her scars..and a image of what seemed to be the same man, same tale kept popping up time after time. What did it mean? Was she simply over thinking things as often did..or was there more to this story?
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Jan 22 '16
Thank you dear ^^ it means a lot to hear that.
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Jan 21 '16
-Purrs.- Thank you.
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Jan 21 '16
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